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... most beautiful Village of Switzerland 2016




Morcote is located 13km away from Lugano and 10km from Agno airport. The closest train station to Morcote is Melide, which is 5.5km away. Melide and Morcote are connected by a Postbus service.

MORCOTE, a village fit for kings and goddesses, is loved and cherished by its inhabitants, and is ready to seduce anyone with its charm. Morcote, seen from a distance, is dressed in sun and light and surrounded by many houses like the coloured pearls of a necklace. In the good season, Morcote is there, ready to welcome us, in its best dress, like a princess preparing to welcome her lover. Morcote is expert in matching the colours of its clothes to the seasons.


It prefers pale colours to highlight its ornaments : the plants in the gardens and the multitude of flower which appear at every corner, enhancing her beauty. When the summer ends, Morcote strips off of its most beautiful dress, and it appears even more inviting, of her new intimate and discreet appearance, for the joy and pleasure of those who love the silence of nature. Whoever comes to Morcote out of the season, completely falls in love with this little village. Morcote is small but exuberant and the years and experience have made it wiser, therefore it knows how to receive her guests, to immediately surprise them, and leave then more and more enchanted when, once they get off the boat, they realize that the one seen from afar was not a mirage, but a 
real little jewel of Ticino.

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